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Nike Dunk SB

In 2002 Nike took their brand in another line, and that would be Skateboarding. Other skaters disliked this idea because they did not want a corporate company to take over their sport. So what would make the line sell?
The Nike SB line rode on the back of the Nike Dunk SB. At first the line had plain colors, like the Lodens, Gino 1, Paul Brown Highs, and wheat lows, but with a zoom air insole, stuff tongue and extra padding, that alone sold well.

The rarest Nike Dunk SB would have to be the Ebay Dunk. Inspired by the Ebay logo, Nike made a sample pair to take pictures of, and threw them on ebay to see how they would sell. The pair went for over $30,000 and was made for the individual (who was kept anonymous) in his/her size. The original pair was cut up in 4 pieces and is on display.

Nike Dunk SB
Nike Dunk SB

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